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[Coaching Advisory for the Young ]

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When selecting a coach for your urgent needs, determine how and why you would like them to help you. Sometimes you will want a sounding board who can listen carefully to help sharpen and clarify your thinking. At other times you will want to test a path or an alternative you have cautiously chosen. You may want someone who can expand your thinking patterns and reveal issues or dimensions of a problem or a situation that you did not see. 

Or perhaps you are looking for process guidance, a way to navigate a challenging situation, or assist you in developing concrete ideas. The better you understand your needs and wants, the better you will equip your coach to support you.

I aim to help you with a difficulty you currently face by giving you advice based on my professional expertise and personal experiences. I closely work with you to explore all the options before you make a choice. The primary purpose is to recommend an approach to a decision that troubles you, talk through the most likely outcomes of each possibility and guide you through manageable steps on-task to turn the solutions into reality.

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