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While practicing coaching, we come across various clients from different education levels, professional backgrounds, and personalities, a most rewarding and enriching part of the coaching profession. But what about coaching a coach, someone matching your training and coming from the same domain?

Coaching a coach seems at first a complex process since it may raise performance concerns for the coach who nurtures the sessions. During the process as a coach, someone familiar with the techniques and methods of coaching can quickly realize what you are doing, why you are doing it, and whether you are doing it right. That makes many coaches feel uncomfortable about coaching a coach. However, the reality is different and often the opposite.

The essence of coaching is being able to develop trust and build a relationship with others, and safely explore whatever is on their agenda. To ask powerful questions to assist them in generating their answers towards the kind of living they wish or seek. My goal is to help you form the type of coaching you want to create. It is my belief that every coach who desires growth must work hand-in-hand with a coach to continue the growth cycle, both as a person and as a coach.

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