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The gap between your DREAMS

and REALITY gets smaller once


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Hi, I'm Emilia.

I extend a very warm welcome to this coaching path. I am so happy that you are on board and part of a growing community of people who wish to embrace change, develop their business lives and follow their dreams.


Are you ready to start this journey? An incredible and unique, life-changing journey that will help you achieve amazing things by investing in yourself and your abilities. You will not be alone in this journey. I will be fully engaged and committed to you throughout the process of opening your horizons and overcoming your personal challenges.


I'm looking forward to working with you!









Coaching advisory for the young

I aim to help you with a difficulty you currently face by giving you advice based on my professional expertise and personal experiences. I closely work with you to explore all the options before you make a choice. 

Career Management Development

I will work with you from the start of your career through your promotions and changes, supporting you as you proceed, i.e. managing challenging work relationships and/or making complex decisions regarding your career advancement.

Transition Coaching

I will assist you in navigating these times of discovery and opportunity. Whether it's a new company or a job, a career break or a career change, or even retirement, I can help you realise, reach your potential and succeed by exploring your values, interests, and goals.

Coach the Coaches

My goal is to help you form the type of coaching yo want to create. It is my belief that every coach who desires growth must work hand-in-hand with a coach to continue the growth cycle, both as a person and as a coach.

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