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Join me on a mindful journey to consciously awaken your potential...!

Emilia helps exceptional people achieve the impossible. 

Emilia is a renowned transformative life and career catalyst, empowering hundreds of people globally for over a decade, to explore their unique edge, enhance their skills, and have a meaningful career by maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

She invites her clients on a mindful journey to consciously awaken their potential through experiences, discover their strengths, pursue their vision and goals, be happier and live a more fulfilling life. 

Emilia spent the first 20 years of her career in Brand Marketing, Media, and PR in a broad range of international industries, including a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company, FMCGs, Entertainment, Shipping, and Hospitality. During this time, she discovered that her actual interest and success were in people's development, an agile mindset and a kind and inclusive approach.

Traveling in more than 40 countries worldwide and collaborating with different nationalities and cultures, she ultimately gained a citizen-of-the-world perspective. That allowed her to comprehend the meaning of the inner self that impacts the working and personal environment, thus cultivating a well-rounded and combinatorial culture of ideas, values, and lifestyle. 


Emilia has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration from the Panteion University of Athens with a major in Economics. In combination with her academic studies in some of the top-rated universities in the world, i.e., IMD and London Business School, she changed her focus to assisting people in adapting to change, gaining faith in their unlimited potential and progress rather than struggling in circles.

As a Certified Life Coach and in combination with her current role as Executive Career & Transition Coach at the Global Academy of Coaching, In addition, her affiliation with ICF provides credibility, community and opportunities for continuous growth. Emilia utilizes her accumulated knowledge, broad experience, education, and coaching skills to empower and enlighten people to achieve their goals and dreams and live a happy life. Moreover, she supports startups and established corporations to overcome obstacles and attain their professional well-being, success, and growth.

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